Information on the profession

What is an obstetrician gynecologist?


The word obstetrician comes from the Latin (obstare = to stand in front), and gynecologist is based on the Greek words (gunaikos + logos = the study of women). These two terms define clearly the role of this particular medical specialty.

The specialist

To become a physician requires a college degree in health sciences, followed by five years of university in a faculty of medicine. The province of Quebec has four faculties: Montreal, McGill, Sherbrooke and Laval in Quebec City. Specializing in obstetrics gynecology requires an additional five years of study and training in university hospitals affiliated with one of the faculties of medicine. The specialist in Obstetrics/Gynecology certificate is awarded after passing the appropriate examinations which allows the doctor to practice in the Province of Quebec.

After receiving this certificate, the obstetrician gynecologist may decide to specialize further in a specific field (e.g. oncology, fertility, foetal/maternal medicine, etc.), which will require a further one to three years of clinical and practical studies.

A certified obstetrician/gynecologist is therefore the best medical specialist since he has the ability to care for a woman's health at all the major and critical stages in her life, from birth to menopause, passing through puberty and maternity.